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Patients from all over the Dayton Ohio area find success at Synergistic Health Centers. The first step? Picking up the phone and calling us: 937-310-1404. Extension 105 will take your directly to our Suboxone patient scheduling services. 

Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is one of the most difficult processes for any person to ever have to go through. Going through the process is often associated with fear of pain and traumatic withdrawal symptoms. Because withdrawal is both physical and mental in nature, the problem of addiction recovery is perhaps even more difficult. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, there IS hope. Opioid dependence is a challenging disease that may require medication-assisted therapy along with counseling to deliver the best possible outcome.There has been significant medical progress in treating addiction. The Synergistic Health Centers doctors work with each patient to devise a successful strategy specific to that patient. Knowing how to stay proactive with your own personal recovery and educating yourself outside of the office is what makes our patients the most successful of all. At Synergistic Health Centers, you'll find comfort within our doctors in an environment that is pushing for your success! Our friendly and highly trained staff members are dedicated to making the most of your recovery and available 6 days a week for your convenience. 


Suboxone has helped our patients struggling with addiction and dependency tremendously as part of a comprehensive addiction recovery program. Suboxone is made up of two drugs: buphrenorphine and naloxone. Buphrenorphine is similar to other drugs like morphine, codeine and heroin with one important distinction: it does not make the patient "high". This important distinction helps reduce and eliminate the addiction to opioids. This allows the patient to stop use of drugs like morpheine, heroin or oxycodone without experiencing the debilitating effects of withdrawal.

Suboxone is an incredible solution allowing treatment of addicts during the course of their addiction, allowing them to take control of their lives once again. Our Suboxone patients maintain a close relationship with their Synergistic Health physician. Dosing and response is monitored. Additional methods of addiction recovery are introduced as well that helps accommodate a more healthy, active and energetic lifestyle. In a word, our patients begin to feel normal again- and normal should never be taken for granted!

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